About us

How we started?

AirPix established in 2010 as a small company with a clear vision in mind – to lead the multirotors market with innovative, unparalleled design concepts of Aerial photography, agriculture and industrial drones.
In 2014, the AirPixFPV multitalented team took its years of experience with designing and developing multi-rotors for Aerial and Video Photography, Agriculture and Industrial Inspection, and implemented it in the design and manufacture of high-end product line for the FPV market.
AirPixFPV innovative high-end airframes marked a new standard for the FPV market, one that is followed by leading FPV manufacturers worldwide.
With enriched R&D roadmap plans for this market, we would like to set this mark even higher in the near future, and provide our customers with more advanced designs and components that would help them to win the race.


Why there's nothing quite like AirPixFPV?

Every frame we've designed and manufactured so far  - and we mean every single one – was built on the same belief - That a mini quad should be more than a collection of carbon plates. That, above all, a mini quad should be absolutely simple and magical to use and should get the racer the results he only could dream of.

Cutting edge materials with the most sophisticated design and manufacture techniques, makes AirPixFPV high end products the perfect solution for both amateur and experienced pilots.

Our high standards and support quality make AirPixFPV the best choice on the market today.


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